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  • The person submitting legal media bill(s) for review (the "Submitter") to Legal Media Review LLC ("LMR") agrees to the following terms and conditions: The Submitter warrants that he or she is or represents the person responsible for paying the legal media bill(s), is authorized to submit these bills and related documents to LMR for evaluation, and is not subject to any agreement with any other entity that would prohibit the submission of these bills and related documents. The Submitter further agrees that the information provided to LMR is a complete and accurate representation of actual bills, invoices, and other related documents they have received and have not been altered in any substantive way. Submitter further agrees that LMR may decline to review any particular bill or bills. Submitter further agrees that LMR may use the information contained in the submitted bills and invoices in its published advertising and reports. LMR agrees that it will not use or connect Submitter's name with the individual bills received unless Submitter requests that it do so. Submitter may request that LMR not use its information in advertising and reports if Submitter believes that the data used may identify Submitter even without the use of Submitter's name. Submitter further understands and agrees that LMR is not agreeing to represent them in any type of dispute with a legal media advertising company and is not providing any legal advice. Submitter further agrees to waive any claim Submitter may have against LMR or any of its employees arising as a result of an evaluation of any bills submitted. Submitter also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LMR and its employees from any claims arising from any disputes between the Submitter and the legal media advertising company who sent the bills.
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