Agencies: Why you should care about Legal Media Review

Legal Media Review is a database that will profile and grade legal advertising agencies in order to provide transparency to law firms. We do this by going through the broadcast schedules and media buys submitted by law firms to compare the breakdown of costs and markups of different legal advertising agencies. We then share this information on our site.

In order to put your best food forward as a legal advertising agency, work with us! Law firms want to know exactly where their money is going and the quality they are going to get, and they will have access to this information regardless:

“We love the fact that Legal Media Review has come up with a business model to allow agencies the chance to highlight their services and media buying to this exciting niche market. Anyone in the media buying space should love this forum to share what they do and how competitive they are in this market segment.” -Kevin Szymanski, InterMedia Advertising

You can help us help you highlight your company to law firms searching for the advertising services you provide. Request an agency account so you can log in and submit information you think would be helpful to us in keeping your profile up-to-date.